Foundry service

Foundry service

Life Insurance Company is a qualified GMP Chinese medicine factory. It has long been committed to food development and research, accumulated many years of experience, trained and trained many professionals to provide the best services for the public. Life Insurance Company specializes in OEM and semi-finished products.

  • Prescription of various types of health foods/recipe development/formulation production.
  • All kinds of materials are extracted and concentrated.
  • The mushroom sputum mycelium fermentation engineering / mushroom scorpion solid symbiotic fermentation engineering.
  • The service of has been providing services for the public for a long time with rich experience in pharmaceuticals and production, such as: research and development of health foods, organic foods, and more diverse "OEM" services:
    • Recommendation of formulas for various dosage forms, seasoning proofing, mass production and foundry.
    • Health Food OEM/ODM into

      In addition to the GMP-qualified Chinese medicine factory, the company introduces various new types of equipment and can manufacture and package various products in large quantities. The company provides professional OEM & ODM finished / semi-finished OEM services, serving customers at reasonable prices, excellent quality and fast delivery, and can be customized according to budget, from design, manufacturing, production to Packaging, assisting customers to create their own brands and develop markets, improve the competitiveness of your products, and create eye-catching sales results.