Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a qualified GMP pharmaceutical company. It has long been committed to food development and research, accumulated many years of experience, trained and trained many professionals to provide the best services for the public.
Life Insurance Company has been serving in the industry for 50 years. It provides a wide range of services to the public with rich experience in pharmaceuticals and production, such as: research and development of health foods, organic foods, etc., and provides "OEM" services such as capsules. Filling, tablet manufacturing, tablet processing, PTP sheets, various bottles, tin foil bags, color boxes …
The company has a good working environment and strict quality control, and introduces a variety of new types of equipment, which can mass produce and package various products. The company provides professional OEM & ODM foundry services to serve customers with reasonable price, excellent quality and fast delivery, and assists customers in design, manufacturing, production and packaging according to the needs of products. Brand and develop the market.