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"Red" stands for dedicated service, firm confidence and courage, and sincere concern.

: stands for the sun (yang)

: stands for the moon (yin)

The trademark of our company comes from the "Lingshu" of the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic": "Yellow Emperor: Yu Wentian is Yang, the ground is Yin The day is yang, the month is yin, and it is combined with people. What is it?" "岐伯日: The waist is above the sky, the waist is below the ground, so the sky is yang, the ground is yin" "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" The foundation of life, this is in yin and yang"

Yin and Yang are not only the core principles of Yijing, but the impact on Chinese medicine is far-reaching and huge. Life Insurance inherits the essence of Chinese medicine, adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, good medicine and good fortune", "medicine has both safety and efficacy", and combines ancient steaming, frying, braising, calcining, gunning, refining, boiling, boiling, Fire, burning, Tsui, 斩, research, 锉, 捣 cream, wine washing, wine frying, bitter wine cooking, water immersion, soup washing, etc., and citing modern scientific pharmaceutical equipment and technology, strictly controlled in GMP Under, the most effective and safest Chinese medicine products are produced. Moreover, it accurately preserves the original effect and cooperates with the evolution of the times, reveals a new look, and brings together the ancient and modern inherent medical experience and scientific verification, so that China's sophisticated medicine Deze can be widely used for the benefit of mankind.